Director of Justice & Communications


I’m a native Carolinian with equal pulls towards wanderlust and rootedness. While I happily call the QC home, a significant chunk of my heart will always reside in the college town of Clemson, South Carolina – GO TIGERS! After college I taught elementary school for four life-changing years. Then, following a particularly impactful trip to Guatemala, I transitioned to working in international ministry for a season. Watershed has been a constant across my nine years in Charlotte, so it’s an honor to give back to this community now by serving on staff. I’m an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs and a Type One on the Enneagram. 


My husband, TJ, whom I met in high school and got to know over four years of friendship before we realized what we had in each other. I once wrote in a high school journal that he was “like, the NICEST person in the entire world!” (He is.) Life since our 2010 wedding has been all about deepening our roots here in Charlotte and waking up to the reality of God’s love and grace both individually and as a couple. Since 2014 we’ve been on a beautiful, heart-wrenching journey to grow our little family. If you ever want to talk about infertility or adoption, coffee (or something stronger!) is on me. 


Many of my early Friday nights in Charlotte were spent with a group of fellow first-year teachers, singing worship songs alongside one guitar and discussing life and faith over family-style spaghetti and cheap wine. I was searching for a church home when a trusted friend in that group recommended Watershed, lauding this community's focus on justice, particularly the work we do in schools. The rest is history!


This genuine, spiritually diverse community isn’t afraid to respectfully engage in open-ended conversations about faith, doubt, culture, history, science, and the Bible. You won’t feel pressured at Watershed to conform or subscribe, but you will be encouraged to unpack your personal perspectives and beliefs and explore why you hold them and where they came from. I’ve never felt more welcomed to wrestle openly with my faith than I do at Watershed, and I’ve also never felt more spiritually alive.


Reading. Writing. Stamps in my passport. Cooking at home. Meals out with friends. Snuggles from our dog. Runs through Freedom Park. College football Saturdays. Celebration of every kind!


Death, even the most painful kind, always seems to yields new life. And if that is truly the pattern of our existence, then there is ALWAYS a reason for hope.
True wisdom is found within. Good religion should nudge us towards a holy remembrance of who we already are and what we already possess.
What I perceive externally reflects what I believe internally. If I want the world to change, I have to start with myself.

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