CEDRIC LUNDY                                                                                     


POINT OF ORIGIN:                                                                                              

I am a native of Ann Arbor, MI, so yes I am a big University of Michigan fan. I love my hometown, especially for its diversity, and occasionally miss it. I do not miss the weather so emphasis on occasionally.

IF YOU EVER SEE A BLACK MAN IN A KILT:                                                

It’s probably me. My wife Emma is a native of Scotland and lived there all her life until coming here to teach for a few years and see some of the country… well, at least that was the plan. We had a traditional Scottish wedding - kilts, bag pipes, a toast in Gaelic, the works. We try to make sure she and our daughter, Isla, get out to Scotland at least once a year so they can see family. I usually get out there every other year.

HOW I COLLIDED WITH WATERSHED:                                                   

While in undergrad at Spring Arbor University I attended Westwards Church in Jackson, MI, where Scott and Taryn Hofert were on staff. I ended up getting my first Student Pastor post here in Charlotte a few months after Scott and Taryn moved here to plant Watershed. Despite being on staff at another church, I helped out with one of the first “Movies in the Park” to promote Watershed before its launch. Years later I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Matt O’Neil on stage for a Sunday morning message on racial diversity. All that to say, I’ve had relationship with folks here from its inception.

WHAT I DO IN MY GARAGE:                                                                           

In my spare time I’m a micro coffee roaster. My lab, or as I like to say “where I get my Walter White on,” is in my garage.

PLACES YOU’LL FIND ME IN THE QUEEN CITY:                                 

Vitners, the movies, Not Just Coffee, or perusing Sur La Table

MY PLAYLIST:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Kamsi Washington’s the Epic, anything by A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Jeremy Pelt, or Miles Davis

WHAT CHEF CEDRIC GOTS COOKING:                                                                                                                                                                                             

After four initial failed attempts, I’ve successfully got my own sourdough starter going. I make homemade pasta, of which spinach and red pepper pasta is my favorite. My newest cook book is recipes using cast iron skillets.


Many have described me as a walking, talking sports encyclopedia. My Uncle Chris used to tell me that if I don’t make it as a pastor I could always go be an anchor on Sportscenter.

FAVORITE AUTHOR:                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

I’ve never thought of myself as much of a reader until I got a hold of the Harry Potter series, and Simply Christian by NT Wright. Since then I’ve read most everything Bishop Wright has written. Wright is considered the foremost scholar of the New Testament by most and yet writes books to both the academy and the everyman. I just love and appreciate his perspective on the biblical narrative and what God is up to in the world.