MARK MAKING: Twelve practices for would-be endevourers 

Sundays, June 4th-august 27th  |  9:15AM + 11AM

If you were with us for our Spring 2017 teaching series, YET, you know it was all about dwelling in possibility. Being hopeful and resurfacing dreams that have been dormant within us is a beautiful thing, but the big question is WHAT NOW?  

How do we see a dream realized? 

How do we conquer the fear that keeps us from stepping out into unknown territory to start something, try something, work on a relationship… whatever that dream might be? 

Dreamers are not always self-starters, and it can be incredibly frustrating to know that an idea or hope or longing is within you, yet you may feel as though you don’t have the tools or gumption or the courage to do something about it. This is for you, friends. 

Throughout the scriptures we’re bombarded with examples and imagery of walking on water, parting seas, moving mountains, navigating with pillars of fire… elemental surroundings that were manipulated and harnessed by the Divine. It was more than miracles or parables or folklore… in them we see that bodies of water can become walkways, that seas can become walls, giant rocks can choose new locations and fire can do more than destroy, light or warm us… it can take us by the hand when we’re lost

Your intended use, so to speak, might be yet to be discovered, and it’s in the digging and sorting and sifting that you move from existing to living. From dreaming to doing. 


you’re invited to join us all summer for our teaching series MARK MAKING where we’ll, along with some of the best Mark Makers in our city who we know, resource you with tools and help you explore a mindset and a heart-set, so to speak, to take action on that BIG THING in your life. Our very bones can become more than we know and what better way to learn practices of making our own purposeful and intended mark on this world than in community? 

Join us Sundays June 4th through August 27th in Plaza Midwood where we’ll be offering two unique gatherings each week:

9:15AM: THE TABLE GATHERING: Café style (coffee & breakfast snacks provided), unplugged live music, and a weekly participatory Q & A (come ready to ask and discuss or sit back and take it in!). Children ages newborn through 5th grade will have their weekly creative and spiritually nurturing experience in GreenHouse as always. 

11AM: LARGE GATHERING: What you’ve come to know and love about our gatherings: live music and engagement through song and reflection, teaching and, as always, plenteous good coffee. Children ages newborn through 5th grade will have their weekly creative and spiritually nurturing experience in GreenHouse as always.



1. CALIBRATING YOUR TIMING || The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.


2. CONNECTING THE DOTS || Learning to reverse engineer.


3. VILLAGING WELL || Learning the true value of those by whom we surround ourselves. 


4. LETTING THE IDEAL DIE || Death can often bring life, even when it comes to dreams.


5. HONING THE ART OF THE AUDIBLE || Putting “Ask and it shall be given to you” into practice.


6. SAYING YES and dealing with NO || Decision making and processing rejection.


7. PUSHING INTO FEAR || Understanding the origins of your trepidation and learning to interpret it.  


8. DECIPHERING DIFFERENCE MAKING || Endeavoring is best done with depth in mind and the acknowledgment that everything is spiritual. 


9. BEING ACCOUNTABLE || Push back is the stuff dream-realizing is made of. 


10. CONTENDING WITH RESISTANCE || Wall hitting as a redirection, not a dead end. 


11. EMBRACING THE PLAN AND THE PRESENT || Harnessing resistance and pursuing a future while finding meaning in the here and now.  


12. HUNKERING DOWN || Ten thousand hours and embodiment with responsibility.

Plaza midwood: midwood international & cultural center
Sundays, June 4th-august 27th  |  9:15AM + 11AM