Watershed is a volunteer-powered lean machine of servant-hearted people. 

Serving at Watershed is one of the best ways to not only make a difference, but to get to know other people and be a part of our community. There’s a spot for all skills and schedules. Serve on your own, serve as a couple, serve as a family or with friends – we want to plug you into an area that allows you to give of your time and energy in a positive way. From brewing coffee on Sundays, to rocking newborns, to lending your muscles (or lack thereof) to set-up and tear down - we need you!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Sunday Gathering Production Team
There’s a whole crew of people who work behind the scenes to make Watershed's Sunday morning gatherings happen. This team is responsible for the technical aspects of the gatherings on a Sunday morning.  If you are a "techie" type person and like computers, electronics, gadgets, or lighting then this might be of interest for you!  If you enjoy the production side of an event ("lights, camera, action!" type activities) but perhaps aren’t a techie, then helping with Sunday Gathering production could be an option for you as well. For more information regarding the Production Team, contact Cedric Lundy.

Sunday Gathering Café Team
Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere from the moment people walk in the door on Sundays. The Cafe Team is responsible for making that happen by setting up and preparing food and coffee for our cafe that opens 30 minutes prior to our Sunday Gatherings. This team is also responsible for greeting people as they enter and for teardown of the cafe area after our Gatherings. The commitment is roughly once a month. For more information about the Cafe Team, contact Cedric Lundy.

Sunday Gatherings Setup Team
Maybe you’re a morning person - but even if you’re not, we could use your strength and energy once a month to transform a big empty gymnasium into our Gathering space. This team is an integral part of our Sunday morning Gatherings with two responsibilities: the first is to set up the space for our Sunday environment (the café and the gathering space), and the signage and partitions for the Greenhouse classrooms. The second is to place and retrieve all banners and road signs on nearby streets for potential visitors attempting to find our location at MICC for our Gatherings. The commitment is roughly once a month. For more information, contact Cedric Lundy.

You don’t have to be a parent to make a huge impact on the future of our community. Volunteering in GreenHouse is a great way to support the little crowd at Watershed! From checking kids in, to serving as a teacher or leader, or even just rocking sweet little babies, we need you! The commitment is twice a month, for one of the two Gatherings (so if you serve during one Gathering, you can go to the other). For more information on GreenHouse, contact Becky Santoro.

Watershed Band
The Watershed band is a group of musicians who lead worship through song and create a soundtrack and soul-feeding environment for for our Sunday Gatherings. They are a seasoned collection of instrumentalists and vocalists who serve God and His church by facilitating the musical worship on Sunday mornings. Serving with the Watershed band provides band members with community, connectedness and numerous channels through they can pour themselves out for God and others. Email Austin Smith for more information on the Watershed band.

AIR (Artists-In-Residence)
Sculptors, painters, graphic designers, photographers, video editors, poets, writers, artists of every format...from creating art for our series in our Sunday Gatherings to writing poetry for our website or mailers, we need skilled artists on board. Our Watershed AIR team strives to utilize their craft in ways that will enhance the total experience of our Watershed community. Perhaps your art could be used for an auction to help one of our justice initiatives, or maybe you could be commissioned to write a piece for a Sunday morning experience, or edit a film/video that will launch one of our Justice initiatives. We deeply value creativity at Watershed and seek to create ways for you to channel your artistry in missional ways. This group will meet annually with the Ambiance Collective to collaborate in creating multi-faceted experiences for our Sunday Gatherings and will meet as a group depending on assignments/projects/seasons. For more information, contact Taryn Hofert.