This whole thing is so new to me. How can I be sure that I’m really ready to be baptized?
At Watershed, we believe that baptism is about celebrating God’s forgiveness, redemption and the new journey ahead. Before being baptized, some people worry that they have to live perfectly from now on. Although it’s great to want to live completely in line with Christ’s instructions, being baptized is more about starting the journey with Jesus than having everything in your life in order. Of course, if there are things in your life that you know conflict with what Jesus wants for you – and yet you have no intention of letting those things go – then perhaps you aren’t quite ready to be baptized. While we all have things in our lives that we struggle to turn over to God, a bold unwillingness to follow God in a known area of your life conflicts with the statement baptism makes.

If I was baptized as a baby or young child, should I get baptized again?
Baptism is something that should be done after one understands and decides to follow Jesus. If you were baptized as a child, did you make that decision on your own? Did you understand what Jesus had done for you, and were you sincere in your intention to give your life to him? If your answer to either or both of those questions is “no,” then becoming baptized now may be a good way to express your desire to follow God.

What would I say to my parents (who had me baptized as a baby) if I choose to be baptized again?
We believe that, with prayer and careful consideration, this could be an opportunity to tell people about your faith journey – including your parents and family. You might look at your story as the completion of the journey your parents desired for you when you were young, that you would truly know and follow Jesus. Your baptism as an adult indicates that you’ve come full circle in embracing the truths that your parents hoped you would embrace. Although the church might be different, Jesus is the same! We do encourage you to avoid focusing on anything negative about your church experience as a child, or any difficulty you might have with your parents’ current church situation. Instead, celebrate the things you have in common and keep the focus on following Jesus with all sincerity.

Thing You Should Know:
1. Please come wearing the clothes in which you plan to be baptized. Appropriate attire would be boxer swim trunks or shorts with a dark loose fitting tee shirt. If you have a Watershed t-shirt, we encourage you to wear it. Modesty coupled with good sense is the key.
2. Please bring something to wear on your feet that you can step into after you’ve been baptized so you won’t slip on the floor as you walk to the bathroom to change. Sandals are a great option.
3. Please bring your own towel.
4. If you have any questions not answered here, give us a call at (704) 644-0919