Blocs are a way to belong + participate in the spiritual growth of yourself and others. 

When it comes to knowing people and getting connected at Watershed, Sunday morning is just the tip of the iceberg. We offer a deeper way to connect and know people, in micro-communities that we call Blocs. Blocs are smaller groups that meet throughout the week and in various locations, and are made up of people of diverse ages and backgrounds. Each Bloc is centered around a common interest, theme, or discussion.  

Why get involved with a Bloc?
Other than the fact that it's fun to hang out with people, we believe that "church" is not a building, but a community of people, and that living in connection with God and others is part of the way we were created. Humans were designed to live in community - emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We desire for your Watershed experience to be extremely personal, alongside people who share in both your struggles and celebrations.

Never been part of something like this before? Don’t worry! There's a Bloc for just about every season, situation, and interest. You can read descriptions of each type of Bloc we offer by clicking the logos below. Click the FIND A BLOC button to see a full list of our groups and email leaders if you're interested!

to learn more about the different types of blocs we offer, click the logos.

Curious about the resources our Blocs are focusing discussion around? Searching for new content for your Bloc or just for yourself? Check out the Bloc Resource to see what's currently trending in our community!