Each new year brings an abundance of people through our doors searching for something that has been missing from their lives. Last year, Sam White came to Watershed for our annual Stogies and Stilettos series and this year she was an integral part of getting the series, and the new year, started. The beautiful watercolor graphic that you saw every Sunday during the message, and the mailer you received? Those were Sam's creation. The graphics you'll be seeing throughout our TWELVE series have been designed by Sam as well. 

How did you come up with the graphic/what does it mean for you? 

"Taryn Hofert and I were at lunch together and she started to tell me about the idea for the series TWELVE

As I have been going through some big self reflection recently, I couldn't help but giggle to myself because the content seemed so relevant and in line with the things I was personally learning and working though. 

During Stogies + Stilettos, Matt and Scott (co-pastors at Watershed) both spoke to the idea that there are probably some deeper issues that influence our daily conversations, view points and potential disputes. It would only make sense that these issues could trickle into other aspects of our lives. In the uncovering of these issues, I have to believe there is some connection to habits, ideas, traits, or actions that we are all individually addicted to. With that being said, I think it is important that we first be open to the idea that we are all addicted to something. Secondly, embracing these realizations and working through them can best be described as peeling back the layers. This is how I came to the TWELVE design.

In putting a calming purple behind the peels, I am conveying the idea that while the process might be messy, there is peace and comfort to be found in this exploration. 

The word Twelve has a sort of echo and vibration within it speaking to the internal feeling that some of these realization might have."

How did you find Watershed in the first place?

"I came to Watershed two Jaunarys ago because of the Stogies + Stilettos mailer. I was so honored to design this year's mailer because that piece of mail was so pivotal in my life. I could only hope it did the same for someone else. 


The last year at Watershed has been so transformational in who I am as a person and the way in which I approach my faith. Watershed has provided a community that has made Charlotte really feel like home. This is a huge deal for a girl that is "addicted" to transition! :)"

You’re plugged into a bloc now and you’ve done Preface—how does that effect how you experience this community? 

"Immediately after attending my first Sunday Gathering, I knew I wanted to know more about Watershed. I joined the first available Preface, which was where I really became hooked. The 6-week discussion was extraordinarily uncomfortable at moments, thought provoking at others and ultimately left me feeling like this was a community that I wanted to continue to ask questions and embrace God with. 

Upon finishing Preface, Matt connected me with a Her:Grow group of which I am now a co-leader of. Time with these women is my favorite part of the week. We laugh, cry, support each other, ask hard questions, and have created friendships that will last a very long time! 

Watershed is the real deal, people! I feel so blessed to have found it!"

You can view Sam's other beautiful works here. Interested in joining Preface or getting into a bloc somewhere in the Charlotte area? Click here to find one that will be a great fit for you. Don't see one that jumps out at you? Email Jen for more