Here at Watershed one of our core values is TRANSFORMATION: creating space and giving permission for the pursuit of a renovated mind, heart, and life. Jesus was constantly challenging those around him to think and live differently, and one of the many ways we foster that kind of growth in our community is by encouraging people to wrestle with resources we find to be stretching, thought-provoking... and sometimes even a little disruptive! 

Over the years we've found that a thoughtfully written book or an engaging podcast can prove to be massively beneficial in lending language to spiritual experiences which are hard to define and giving someone a new sense of spiritual imagination when he or she is stuck in a rut. Even better, these types of resources can be engaged alone or in community, making them valuable for all types of settings.

When our Blocs are considering what to focus conversation on, we provide leaders with a list of resources we feel are conducive to transformative dialogue. We've recently reformatted this guide into a page on our website, and we'd like to make it available to everyone in our community to look through! If you're looking for some fresh content, take a look at what's currently trending in our community. Happy reading and listening!