It’s GUATEMALA WEEK on our Watershed social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) and blog! This week we’re featuring content written by participants from Watershed’s trip to Guatemala last month to visit our global partners, EducateBV. Follow along as we post several pictures and thoughts throughout each day. Full-length blogs by contributors will be linked in each day’s final post.

By David Avalos

We arrived in the beautiful village of Buena Vista Saturday evening. Nothing was planned for the first evening except for an orientation by the Schmidts, yet the group was full of excitement and anticipation for the week to come. The Schmidts suggested that we keep our minds open and not have any expectations. The next day would be a full day of work. We were told that we would help clear some land and build a church for a new congregation that was starting in the village. What we didn’t know was that the Pastor of the church, Marcos, would share a revelation that would have us all in awe.

We arrived at a simple home with a large field used for farming. As we unloaded materials, we were informed that the family who owned the farm decided to give this section of their land to the new church as a gift. After introductions were made with Pastor Marcos and some members of his congregation, Pastor Marcos told us the church’s story…

He and his small congregation had been had been meeting in people's homes and in other spaces for several years, but they had been praying about building a church. They dreamed of having their own church, but they lacked the funds. When the farmland was offered to them, they were overjoyed, however they still lacked the funds for materials. They prayed about it and decided to clear the land anyway. Although they lacked the money, they knew by faith alone that God would provide them the resources they needed.

They began clearing the land and, shortly after, were told that God had heard their prayers! They had been given the funds needed to build their church. Not only were the funds provided, but the sponsoring church was also there to work side-by-side with them to get their church started! Yes, Watershed not only made it possible for them to purchase materials, but they sent the manpower to help them build.

As if that was not enough, these men of pure faith drew some simple sketches of what they wanted their church to look like. However, they were not architects and did not fully understand all that was involved with construction. However, a member of our team, Josh, is familiar with construction because his father was a contractor. Josh was able to provide some very helpful suggestions to assure the church would be built safely. Pastor Marcos and his congregation prayed and gave thanks because, not only were their prayers answered, God also sent them a church whose members worked alongside them and an engineer to assure their church was sound!

Asamblea de Dios Refugio de Salvación is an Assemblies of God church with the name "Shelter of Salvation." Their members are eternally grateful to Watershed for providing them the resources, financially and physically, to help their dreams come true.