POINT OF ORIGIN                                               
Winchester, VA

IN A NUTSHELL                                               
I am a lover of sewing, knitting, and really any creative crafting endeavor (I especially love it if I can get my hands dirty!). I enjoy making my own clothing and dream of starting a creative business where I can spend my days working with my hands. I have a new-found obsession with brewing the perfect batch of kombucha. I love skiing but somehow keep living in places that are far away from ski resorts, and really warm (sadness). 

5 with a 4 wing. If you ever interact with me in person, be prepared for a whole lot of awkwardness, and not a whole lot of talking (never not in my head).

My husband  Adam, whom I met one winter during college at a small ski resort in PA where we were both ski instructors. We dated long distance for FOUR years while I was finishing up school at Liberty University and he was in California at Eternity Bible College. We got married in 2013 and I then joined him in California for the last three years while he finished out school.

Sabor on Taco Tuesday, Really any restaurants that have a good amount of vegan options, Value Village, Kings Rd Farmer’s Market when it’s open, walking/biking around Plaza Midwood when it is nice out.

HOW I COLLIDED WITH WATERSHED                                                                             
About two years ago my husband and I moved to Charlotte from Simi Valley, California to be closer to our families on the East Coast. Adam’s brother and sister-in-law went to Watershed, so we just figured going to church with them was easier than church hunting. We soon realized that Watershed was just what we needed in our faith journey to help us heal old wounds left from past church experiences, and to help us continue to question and explore our faith in a new way.

Living in Charlotte has fulfilled my lifelong dream of being able to walk to places (restaurants, work, grocery store) from where I live. Growing up I lived in the country off a gravel road with a cow pasture behind my house, so living in a city is a new, exciting experience for me!