September marked Watershed's eleventh year as a community! To celebrate, each month until next September we’re bringing you a list of ELEVEN things someone in our community is passionate about. In addition to picking up some interesting new knowledge, we hope this series will help you get to know a handful of the incredible people who call Watershed home!

February’s ELEVEN list comes from Watershedder Wendy Hickey, the Executive Director and Founder of ArtPop! ArtPop's mission is to promote local artists' work and make art accessible to communities through available media space. 

Wendy says, "ArtPop is my heart and soul and I hope to make ArtPop my full time job one day soon. Helping artists jumpstart their careers and leading successful lives as professional artists is a dream come true."

While helping launch the careers of local artists is ArtPop's priority, a by-product of the mission is that communities are being exposed to art without having to seek it out. ArtPop brings art to the masses. They understand the need for galleries and museums, but believe that art has no boundaries and desire to bring art to you!

Wendy believes Art is powerful, art is healing, and art has the ability to transform and bring together divided communities. She also believes we need art in our lives now more than ever.  

Without further ado...

11 Things You May Not Know About ArtPop

1) Art + Public Outdoor Project = ArtPop

2) Our mission is to promote local artists’ work and make art accessible to communities through available media space.

3) ArtPop is a 501c3 and headquartered right here in Plaza Midwood. 

4) ArtPop has 8 members on the Board of Directors, all located here in Charlotte!  We are all volunteers.

5) We are seeking fundraisers, sponsors and grant writers to help our cause, know anyone? Send them our way

6) Since our inception in Charlotte in 2014 we have featured the work of 80 different local #CLT area artists in our program. 

7) We are on the streets of 11 cities today, with 163 artists in the program so far!  

8) We are opening 3 brand new cities this year to include Charleston, SC, Nashville, TN, and Columbus, OH. 

9) In addition to the artists work on billboards, the artists can also be seen on Uptown CLT news racks and on a digital billboard at Ballantyne Village... more to come!  

10) We are changing the lives and careers of local artists.

11) We hope to bring the program all over the world one day, see where we are so far at click on the ART tab and then click on the thumbnails! 

Thanks for educating us about ArtPop, Wendy! We love how you use your passions and talents to help others and work to make Charlotte a more interesting, beautiful place! To learn more about Wendy and ArtPop, listen Co-Pastor Matt O'Neil interview her from stage during our 2017 Stogies & Stilettos series. 

Do you have an interesting 11 list you'd like us to consider? We'd love to hear your idea! Tell us about it here.