Every other Friday we take a moment to introduce you to someone in our community who serves in one or more of Watershed's many volunteer areas: GreenHouse/Shed StudentsSunday TeamsCatapultBloc Leading, etc. The featured volunteer will then select someone he/she would like to see highlighted next.

This week, meet David!


Volunteer Area(s): I play in the both the regular worship band and the GreenHouse band. 

Why did you choose to volunteer in each of your areas?

Before Watershed I was playing in a couple of bands that had broken up. I was complaining one day to Greg Lilley, the drummer in one of those, about not having anywhere to play anymore. He said that had been recruited by this new "church plant” and suggested I give that a shot. Before I really knew what happened I found myself on stage at Actors Theater for the second Sunday of Watershed’s existence. I think I called Matt "Scott" and Scott "Matt" for the first year but eventually I got that squared away. Lots of things have changed since then but I still enjoy playing music here every chance I get. It is a blessing indeed to share the stage and listen to all these wonderful and talented people.  

What has been one of your favorite moments as a volunteer? 

Back in the early days and sometimes even now the band will put itself out there a bit and really showcase our many talented members. Usually as a performer I am too focused to just listen and enjoy. The best moments for me are when I am sitting out there in the crowd watching my friends bring the house down with something unexpected and awesome. Sorry, I really couldn’t pick just one. 

If you could use only one word to describe our Watershed community, what would it be


Describe your perfect day in Charlotte:

I enjoy Charlotte most when I can get outside and enjoy the great weather. Also, no day can truly be great without good friends and live music. Mix all that up and that is about as good as it gets for me. 


NEXT I'D LIKE WATERSHED TO FEATURE ELIZABETH BENFIELD WATSON BECAUSE... She has been quietly serving for Watershed for a quite a while as A Bloc leader, Greeter, and Cafe volunteer. She is a great example of what makes our community special and deserves a little time in the spotlight.