Every other Friday we take a moment to introduce you to someone in our community who serves in one or more of Watershed's many volunteer areas: GreenHouse/Shed StudentsSunday TeamsCatapultBloc Leading, etc. The featured volunteer will then select someone he/she would like to see highlighted next.

This week, meet Wyatt!



Volunteer Area(s): 


Why did you choose to volunteer in your area(s)? 

I love to play the drums, I love playing with other musicians and I love doing both of those things at church. I also love to see God work in others both in the message and lyrics of music, as well as the melody and beat of the music itself. 


What has been one of your favorite moments as a volunteer? 

My favorite moments as a volunteer are during the unexpected times. For example, I might feel encouraged with anticipation about a song that the band is going to play on a given Sunday. At first, I may think, “What a great song this is going to be! This song could really speak to others and is especially relevant to this week’s series and message!” During the Sunday when I’m actually playing, I end up getting hit with the whole core of the song like a ton of bricks.

I feel like my expectation about what I thought the moment of that song “was supposed to be like” on Sunday resulted in a dramatically different outcome. Instead of the song impacting only somebody else in a meaningful way, it ended up additionally impacting me in ways that I wasn’t able to see until I finally played the song that 100th time.

If you could use only one word to describe our Watershed community, what would it be? 


Describe your perfect day in Charlotte: 

Anything that involves family, friends, free food and fellowship.