Every other Tuesday, we take a moment to introduce you to someone in our community who serves in one or more of Watershed's many volunteer areas: GreenHouse/Shed StudentsSunday TeamsCatapultBloc Leading, etc. The featured volunteer will then select someone he/she would like to see highlighted next.

This week, meet Tilden!



Volunteer Area(s): 

Greenhouse (9 years) – Diggers and Evergreens

Roots (every now and then) - Unbeknownst to Matt or Scott, I created a new volunteer team called Roots :) This team is responsible for ensuring that IT is up and running. Basically, when the Watershed leadership team calls the Roots team with an issue, you just follow the below sample script:

Roots Team - “Hello”
Watershed - “The Internet isn’t working.”
Roots Team - “Hmmmm....well....it should.”
Watershed - “Why do IT people always say it should?!?’” Roots Team - “Ummmm...have you rebooted the device.”

Every now and then, I help out with IT stuff at Watershed.

Why did you choose to volunteer in your area(s)? 

I am without a doubt an Enneagram Type Six (https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-6/). I am committed, responsible, and loyal. My wife, Stephanie Costas, figured out a long time ago that I am a loyalist and used this knowledge to her advantage when she asked me to sign up for Greenhouse. She knew I wouldn’t, I couldn’t say no...trickery!

In all seriousness, my wife simply asked me to serve with her and I said “yes.”

With regards to Roots :), a couple of years ago, Watershed needed some help with getting the building connected to the Internet. A certain acquaintance of mine, who happens to be from Canada and more specifically Newfoundland and even more specifically...well, you’ll just have to ask him, mentioned to Austin Smith that I might be able to help. So , being the E6 that I am, I said “yes.” Personally, I think the whole thing was a conspiracy and Austin had been in collusion with this Canadian and my wife all along...trickery!

Anyway, I work in the field of Information Technology and setting up the network early one morning was a pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed the time to myself.


What has been one of your favorite moments as a volunteer? 

As a Greenhouse volunteer, I have the pleasure of experiencing my favorite moment quite often. I have believed for many years that children have the ability to see God more easily than I, as an adult, can see God. Hearing the kids discuss the topic of the day and interact with others, gives me a perspective, an insight, that as an adult I just don’t see as well.

Last year, Taryn Hofert performed the song “Sight” by the artist Sleeping at Last. Throughout the song there is this sense of longing that is beautifully stated in the line, “you see God in ways I wish I could.”

As a Greenhouse volunteer, my favorite moment is when I, through a child, get a glimpse into seeing God in a way I wish I could.

“Sight” - Sleeping at Last (http://www.sleepingatlast.com/blog/2016/5/6/sight-how-it-was-made).

If you could use only one word to describe our Watershed community, what would it be? 



Describe your perfect day in Charlotte: 

You know, recently, I have found that sitting in the backyard sipping a cup of coffee while watching my chickens has been surprisingly relaxing Yep, at the season in my life: coffee, chickens, family, and sunny 70 degree weather.



No way am I recommending someone. This whole thing took me like 5 hours to write. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, let alone someone who might be an introvert <mic drop>.

If I really have to recommend someone, then Tina Sagisi! Tina has been a part of my daughters’ Watershed experience for their entire lives. She is thoughtful, caring, and funny. Every so often, she surprises my family with letters of encouragement and parenting advice sprinkled with confetti and glitter...AHHHHHH TINA!!!!!!