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India: A Generosity Opportunity

India: A Generosity Opportunity

In last Sunday's Gathering Matt took some time to share about Watershed's ten-year partnership with Pastor Thanglal Haokip from Guwahati, India. Thanglal was a boy from the orphanage where the O’Neil’s and the Hoferts lived in the late 90’s. He attended the seminary in Kota, Rajasthan, where Matt and Scott were adjunct staff and he served as their translator.

Thanglal and his wife, Angum, planted a church in 2006 in Guwahati called Saraighat Community Church. Saraighat (pronounced Sa-rye-got) is a community striving to embody God’s peace, love and mercy. This isn't easy given the oppositional religious climate in their region of India. People who identify as Muslim, Hindu, and even some Christians are often in turmoil with each other due to poverty and governmental power struggles between corrupt religious and political leaders. Saraighat continues to try exist in ways that build bridges into their community and broker compassion and hope in the wake of so much poverty and struggle. The name Saraighat is actually the name of a bridge in Guwati which connects several different parts of India together. So, in some sense, their name embodies their mission. Watershed has enjoyed providing a decade of support for the Hoakip's justice-oriented work in India and Matt and Scott continue to mentor Thanglal via Skype to this day. 

Recently Thanglal reached out to Matt and Scott with a special need: a reliable vehicle. The Haokips have relied on public transportation their entire existence in Guwahati. However, due to how difficult and sometimes dangerous it is to travel via the public transit system and due to how geographically dispersed the villages they work with are, having a vehicle to rely on would be revolutionary to their efforts. A vehicle would enable the Haokips to move about more organically, more freely, and in a way that is more secure and safe. 

It's not often that we have such tangible opportunities to show love to our global partners outside of our regular support! 

the total cost to purchase a reliable vehicle for the haokip family is $3,500

Already our community has generously given about $800 toward the vehicle! We would love to fully cover this cost by the end of the month, and we invite you to be a part of that effort. 

If you'd like to practice generosity by helping the Haokips obtain a vehicle, there are several ways you can do it:

  • By cash or check. Drop an envelope in our metal offering boxes on Sunday or mail to P.O. Box 12749 | Charlotte, NC 28220. Please be sure to note that the gift is specifically for India.
  • Online through our SecureGive System (click here). 

Thank you for supporting our dear friends as they seek to do meaningful work in a difficult part of the world!

The Haokip's prayer requests

  • On May 18th a fanatical Hindu party won the election in the Haokip's state. This group is against several minority groups, including Christians. The Hoakips and their community are always vulnerable to violence or discrimination. Please Pray for God's protection and God’s peace to materialize within a climate of anger and fear.
  • Please pray for the two house churches which are extensions of Saraighat’s community in remote parts of India. Because they are more isolated, they are more vulnerable to injustice and suffering. Please pray for their protection.
  • Thanglal will be preaching and teaching 15 times from the last week of June until July 20th in a variety of locations to both youth and young pastors.  Please pray for stamina, inspiration and awareness as he teaches.