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November News From GreenHouse

November News From GreenHouse


Our GreenHouse kids ministry has several pieces of exciting news this month! Scroll through below to learn more about the next teaching series for our elementary schoolers, an awesome new addition to the GreenHouse webpage, and daily serving opportunities designed to help your little ones cultivate gratitude and compassion throughout the month!


In the same way that our adults follow a sermon series upstairs, our elementary school students are learning thematically downstairs as well! Last month our kids wrapped up the MADE series, and now they're moving on to a study called Poems, Parables, & Me. 

Stories. They Inform us. Inspire us. Change us. Teach us. Join us in GreenHouse (K-5th grade) for a new unit where we explore the stories of the Bible using the beautiful poetry of the Psalms and the metaphoric truths buried within Jesus' parables. Through the exploration of these stories our hope is that kids will grow in their awareness of God's story and the one they are co-creating with Him. Weaved into our experience together will be discovering new ways to pray and reflect as we build a deeper connection within our small groups. 

Sunday Mornings throughout November & January
December lessons will focus on Advent & Christmas
Service Times: 9:15AM & 11:00AM
Click Here for Location


We are so excited to announce that GreenHouse lessons plans are now available online for every classroom! Lesson plans for the upcoming Sunday should be posted by Friday each week, and older plans will be archived. 

Click the icons below to view lesson plans for each age group: Seedlings (6 weeks-24 months), Sprouts (24-36 months), Diggers (3-5 years), and Evergreens & Redwoods (K-5 students).


Follow GreenHouse on Facebook and Instagram for a daily service idea each day throughout the month of November! Use the #GiveThanksGreenHouse hashtag to capture your family's moments of serving and follow the journeys of other GreenHouse families as they cultivate gratitude and show love around our city! 

Learn more about GreenHouse's vision for our community's kids here.
Email Children's Pastor Becky Santoro for further information: 

GreenHouse Training Day

GreenHouse Training Day

GreenHouse exists to plant seeds and cultivate hearts through the lens of Jesus. It’s our hope that by the time a child leaves 5th grade they have a firm sense that God created them, that His spirit is everywhere, that we are connected to Him and others, and that justice is the heartbeat of humanity.

In order to plant these deep roots of identity, awareness, connection, and justice it takes a special group of volunteers who know how vital GreenHouse is to the growth of our littlest Watershedders!

To say that Children’s Director Becky Santoro loves her team of GreenHouse Volunteer Leaders would be an understatement! Gathering together a few Saturdays ago for a training and celebration, the team kicked off with an epic lip-sync battle (Jimmy Fallon would be so proud) and ended with pizza and a healthy competition of who knows which child developmental phase the best.

Sprinkled throughout the three hours were conversations of the new and continuing initiatives in GreenHouse. The time also allowed for reflection about how the way we viewed God as children has shaped us as adults today.... and our hopes of what a future GreenHouse graduate would say when faced with the same question one day.

When 30+ people take 3 hours out of a Saturday to learn and grow together we know we are in for an epic year. Thank you volunteers for all you have done and continue to do for our community’s children!

To learn more about GreenHouse, Watershed's Sunday morning experience for kids ages six weeks through 5th grade, email Becky.