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The Potting Shed | Kids & Screens


Parenting is really hard. Parenting these days is getting even harder. Questions like “What is a Snap story?”, “Where are the parental settings on Fort Nite?”, and “ Your friend posted what on Instagram?” are becoming all too common. And these are even the easy questions! They get more difficult or confusing from there. Our families need all the resources we can get!  

This was a big part of the impetus that brought me to Potting Shed last month. My name is Jessee Eppley. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist at One12:Counseling in the Ballantyne area, as well as a parent and avid supporter of GreenHouse. I was given the opportunity to meet with fellow parents to discuss what it means to raise kids in a world that is quickly becoming inundated with social media, device expectations, and a variety of other digital concerns. I was grateful to have the chance to share a bit of my professional expertise with my community. It was also amazing to hear the insights and stories you all brought to the table.  

The fact is that this topic is one that will not be going away any time soon. So, to that end, we recorded this most recent installment of Potting Shed, for any parents who were not able to attend the event. We wanted to make sure this information is available to anyone who might benefit from it. The link is below:

Potting Shed | Kids & Screens

One of the many things I loved about this past Potting Shed was the idea that none of us have to feel alone in this whole parenting gig. Many of the questions and ideas expressed were around how we as a community can encourage one another when setting boundaries and exposing our kids to a world outside of the screen. I think this is the best next step for our group. 

I think it is a great conversation and one that will continue to come up more and more as the days go by. I look forward, as a fellow parent and resource, to continue being part of that conversation, and I want to end by reminding you… It takes a village to raise kids, and we have one heck of a village here at Watershed Charlotte. You are not in this alone.  

Grace and Hope.  

Jessee Eppley