Baptism is not something you do once you've gotten your life all figured out. It's not what a person does once they have all the answers. Baptism isn't about committing to live life perfectly, but it is about admitting that you no longer want to live another moment without God. It's about realizing that following God is the very best choice a person could make with their life. It's about being so appreciative of what God has done in and through Jesus that you are willing to be known as someone who is committed to follow in his love, compassion and ways. When you are Baptized, you are in essence publicly letting it be known to your community that you are following Jesus with all you are and asking your Watershed community for an encouraging, accountable relationship in that endeavor and commitment. 

Baptism is an exciting celebration at Watershed, complete with applause and the sharing of personal stories. It is all a beautiful metaphor of being transformed and living a life that intersects more and more with God! Our next Baptism date at Watershed is May 22nd. Are you interested in getting Baptized? Learn more on our Baptism FAQs page or fill out a Baptism Application if you're ready to begin the process!