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  • United States

It’s been said that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience." Hence, what we do with our bodies is both a physical and a spiritual matter and the manner in which our bodies are impacted by our lifestyle, our experience with food, vitamins, air, water, medicines, sleep and exercise is profound and significant. WELLNESS is a bloc for anyone interested in building friendships and engaging in dialogue around the idea of living more intentionally with a mind, body and soul balance. Join us as we discuss a variety of topics all centered around living wholesome, healthy lives.

The WELLNESS Bloc's evening May gathering will take place at 7PM in the GreenHouse hallway of our Sunday Gathering location. May topics of discussion include:

  • Sugar vs Fat

  • New GMO foods

  • Are Your Joints Well?

  • Essential Oil: Ginger

If you have further questions about WELLNESS, email Pam at pwatson57@yahoo.com.