The Potting Shed is parenting workshop series of topics, discussions, and trainings led by therapists and members of the GreenHouse team geared toward providing tools to add to your parenting gardens. Join us for a repeat of our first topic led by parent & child therapist and long-time GreenHouse volunteer, Kristy YetmanSpace is limited to 20 people and the cost $20 per person. Learn more about the seminar and sign up

Responding to Your Child’s Emotions
When Big Emotions Can Cause Big Problems

Emotions can sometimes feel really big for little children and can cause big problems for parents too. Understanding how children process emotions is empowering and can help parents respond to tantrums and outbursts in helpful ways. This seminar will help you learn how to identify emotions, how emotions are experienced by children, and how the ways that you respond can make all the difference.