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For some of us, foster care has always been something we've wanted to be a part of someday.

"Maybe one day..."
"If only my partner..."
"When I'm done with my family I might..." 

Other times it's something you swear you aren't capable of doing. 

"I'm not a parent yet..."
"I could never get attached and then say goodbye..."
"It's too hard..." 

And then for others, it just hasn't been on your radar or your misconceptions are high.

"Wait, there are 500+ kids in foster care in our city right now?"
"We have modern day orphanages in our city?"

Facilitated by our Children's Pastor + foster parent, Becky Santoro, and various other members of our Charlotte community, we will dive into an informal Q & A about what foster care looks like in our city through many different perspectives (ranging from former foster youth to social workers). What could change in our city by you learning more?

So pull up a chair, lean in close, and let this be your first step because the real truth is that our city is in trouble masked by a booming economy, new restaurants to try, and high-rise buildings. Submit your question for our panel as your RSVP and we'll save a seat for you! This is open to all and sponsored through The Potting Shed in partnership with GreenHouse + Watershed Students.