A Thursday evening Watershed gathering for ALL in Plaza Midwood.

Candlelight. Contemplation. Songs. Stories.

Breaking Bread and opening our hearts together in community.


There’s an overflow, so to speak, of the moments of worship and stillness and song that take place weekly in our Sunday morning Gatherings at Watershed. We’ve decided to let that overflow, that desire to go a little deeper and refuel in the midst of our weekdays, to take shape in the form of our brand new (hopefully quarterly) Thursday night gatherings called QC commUNION.


It will be an hour and a half of music, singing, communion, story telling, contemplation and moments for your heart to make a beeline for God’s. This is open to ALL, whether or not your are part of our Watershed community, whether or not you are a church person…come on your own or bring someone with you.


We encourage you to grab a slice of pizza next door at PURE PIZZA and then head over for 7pm sharp for an intimate gathering in our lower level gathering room in our GreenHouse wing. Open to all – no childcare provided but children are welcome under parent supervision.