Who does Watershed partner with in Guatemala?
Watershed is privileged to partner with DeepStream, an organization dedicated to bringing justice to the Guatemalan village of Buena Vista. More specifically, Watershed is involved with one of DeepStream’s initiatives called EducateBV. EducateBV focuses on leveling the playing field for the people of Buena Vista by providing them with accessible, quality education. You can learn more about EducateBV and the family who leads the efforts on the ground in Buena Vista by clicking here.

Why do we partner with EducateBV?
Both Watershed and EducateBV share the conviction that education is a critical component in breaking the cycle of poverty. We believe that access to quality education leads to long-standing transformation and empowerment.

Want to get involved?
Every year Watershed takes a team of 8-10 people down to Buena Vista for a week-long “discovery trip,” Watershed’s version of the traditional mission trip. We don’t call it a mission trip because mission trips are about doing, while our focus is on relationship-building and learning. On a discovery trip, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know our EducateBV partners, immerse yourself in the local culture, and engage in genuine interaction with the people of Buena Vista. You’ll learn first-hand how access to education is changing the landscape of people’s lives in the village.

Shane Claiborne says, “It's not that the rich don't care about the poor, it's that the rich don't know the poor. If the rich knew the poor, poverty would come to an end.” We believe that taking the time to form relationships with the people of Buena Vista will benefit you more than completing a project will benefit them.

Who can go on a discovery trip?
If you are currently serving in Watershed in some form or fashion, you’re eligible. Because discovery trips are all about deepening relationships and understanding, we want to engage people who are already invested in our community. There’s no use in visiting our partners if you’re not ready to come back to Charlotte and be a voice for them. These trips are highly relational. You are a good candidate if you’re ready to be flexible, engaged, and open. There will be no scheduled projects to complete, just people to meet.

When is the next discovery trip?

How do I sign up?
Email Becka for more information.