she is sacred spring slide.png

SHE IS SACRED || embodied || 5.10.19 | 7-9pm | 

at Watershed 

The Divine Feminine. 


Sistering well.

Join us for SHE IS SACRED | embodied: our second and Spring quarterly experiential night creating space for women to go deeper in hearing women's stories, moments to reflect and respond to our own thoughts and feelings about what it means to explore the sacred divine mystery of our own bodies, and what it means to live embodied.

Led by women for women only and open not only to our entire church community but our city as well, we invite to an evening of inhaling the reminders of how beloved and holy you truly are as daughters and image bearers of God and exhaling the beauty of being heard and understood in ways that only happen when females gather en a spirit of growing and encouraging one another. 

In February for our first gathering we explored what it might look like to bring our full selves everywhere we went; knowing that we would be embraced and even celebrated. 

Join us in May as we go one step further...we welcome you to an evening of song, contemplation, getting to know each others’ stories and bonding under the stars together.