GreenHouse exists to plants seeds that grow roots of identity, awareness, connection, and justice that foster a healthy spirituality as a child grows. 

Through wonder and imagination, GreenHouse approaches innate spirituality with the heart and awe of a child taking the lead.

Welcome to rooms filled with peace makers and world changers.

Greenhouse is intended for ages six weeks through 5th grade. Are you a new parent? Just know that we strive to be neat freaks, creating the safest, cleanest, most serene experience for your precious new one. If your child feels shy about spending their first visit to Greenhouse without you, feel free to stay with them for the morning and see firsthand what takes place in Greenhouse! To take a tour on a Sunday morning, to get more information about Greenhouse, or to volunteer on a Sunday, please email Abbie.

Current Greenhouse classes:

Seedlings (0-11 month olds) and Sprouts (1 year olds)

The focus of our time with these two rooms is in making sure they are loved and nurtured while having their basic care needs met. These rooms have been designed to engage budding curiosity and independence through the use of age appropriate toys as well. We also offer a nursing mothers area in the overflow space beneath the auditorium as well as changing tables in both bathrooms. We want each parent to enjoy the Sunday Gathering at the highest level, with the assurance that their little one is being looked after and receiving the attention they need.


Ferns (2 year olds)

In Ferns, Greenhouse leaders provide compassionate care to toddlers by engaging them in playtime while also teaching them about our four roots through storytelling and crafts. The Ferns team provides hands-on learning and love to toddlers in a safe and fun environment. We love bubbles, play dough, and silly dance moves in this room!

Willows (3 year olds, young 4s)

Greenhouse leaders provide lots of opportunities to experience our roots through intentional play, stories, and crafts in our Willows room. Hands-on learning and social skill activities is key for our 3 and young 4 year olds and the Willows team strive to create an environment that enhances a child’s development. We love yoga, trains, getting messy, and snacks in this room!

Maples (Pre-K/K)

Maples continue to explore their GreenHouse roots through sensory- focused centers, stories, and craft activities. GreenHouse leaders love engaging our growing artists to apply lessons and building friendships is a key focus of this room. This classroom is set up to engage our older 4 year olds and our children experiencing their first time in a school setting. We ask that children be potty-trained before they move to the Maples classroom and that a child is 4 by Sept. 1st to enter.


Evergreens (1st-3rd grade)

In our Evergreens class, we focus on processing our GreenHouse roots deeper, with the goal of providing a safe environment for kids to ask questions about God and faith through guided, interactive discussion and activities. Fun application games and a beginning sense of community for kids are built here and a budding Special Needs Buddy system is created for those needing individualized support!


Redwoods (4th – 5th grade)

Our Redwoods class only meets during Second Service on Sunday mornings. In Redwoods, children engage our GreenHouse roots with practical applications and more built in time for group discussion that helps foster intentional relationship with our GreenHouse leaders, as well as their peers. To keep these upper elementary kids engaged there are plenty of silly games, friendly competitions and fun crafts mixed in to each week’s lesson.