Director of Community Engagement


Job Title: Director of Community Engagement

Status: Full Time


This person will be the liaison that helps our community engage internally through blocs and externally through justice. They will also be an integral part of the communications team that manages the donor relationships. This role is all about attention to detail and not letting anything fall through the cracks. The relationships that exist at Watershed and because of Watershed is some of the most sacred ground we tread, and this post is integrally a part of making that happen.


  • Has the ability to manage many details in many different areas simultaneously

  • Works to create systems within projects so that other team members and volunteers can jump in

  • Commit to co-leadership in key areas

  • Ability to stay on top of emails and coordinate with volunteers

  • High attention to detail

  • Ability to zoom out and lead with vision and zoom in to see a project through to completion

Areas of Responsibility:

Small Groups

  • Work with Matt O’Neil to launch, maintain and support the small group life at Watershed

  • Assist Matt with the logistics and execution of Preface

  • Help to train and grow small group leaders


  • Maintain the current justice system that allows our people to connect with our partner non-profits

  • Be the voice that is continually calling our community into practical justice

  • Raise up leaders and volunteers who will allow the programs to grow

Donor Relationships/Communications

  • Manage the donor relationship system

  • Assist in any communication needs

  • Help to create systems for constant external communication