Launching Rockets: Exploring the Partnership of Parenting
Raising kids can be the toughest and most joyful experience of our lives. As parents, we really long for connection, growth, and support from one another and other parents, but the busyness of life and the inability to actually commit to a full-year Bloc experience often makes this goal difficult to achieve. We also crave some alone time with our spouse/partner away from the kids, but when night out happens, it's not always intentional and focused on building parenting philosophy... because, let's face it, we're tired and sometimes we need a break from the parenting gig! 

Here at Watershed we know how easy it can be to get stuck in a rut of reactive parenting rather than proactively building healthy parenting routines as partners, so we long to create a space where moms and dads can hear from each other (judgement-free!) and pick up some new tools and practices to define your family philosophy. That's why we've developed a six-week Bloc focused on exploring the partnership of parenting using the work of Rob Bell's podcast Launching Rockets. The structure of the Bloc will include meeting bi-weekly as a group and, on opposite weeks, setting off on a night out focused completely on a  task with your parenting partner.

Our next round of Launching Rockets is TBD. Fill out this form to join the interest list and we will send more details as soon as they are available!