Disorganized Religion: Less institution - more awakening 

Sundays, april 1st - may 20th  |  9:15AM + 11AM

SBNR. Ever hear of the term? 

It’s “spiritual but not religious”. 

And it’s an acronym with which many of us identify and understandably so. 

The church has historically made itself known for whom it excludes and includes, what traditions it upholds and what system it will perpetuate. 

And when we look at a circle of people sitting on the beach cooking fish over an open fire with Jesus—sharing life, being inspired to embody God and challenging each other to keep trekking on their journey toward selflessness, we’ve somehow gotten way off course.



Dress codes?

Sundays being any more holy than any other day? 


We invite you to infuse your Spring season with a perspective on what being the church could mean for you, specifically.

What being less religious and more awakened could look like…

In this Queen City. 

In this neighborhood.

With these beautifully diverse people.

In this time.

In your life and home. 

What if, despite all the baggage and controversy and frankly, pain that many have encountered in and around the church at large, we could shed it all and embody something open, something compassionate and life-giving to both ourselves and the city and world around us? 

What if we transcended steeple maintenance for soul deep transformation? 

We warmly open the door to everyone as we delve into our new teaching series



Sundays, April 1st - May 20th  |  9:15AM + 11AM