Are you interested in a happily-ever-after, sex-filled, problem-free marriage? Keep dreaming... but if you want to explore the kind of intimacy, connection and "oneness" God really wants us to have with Him and each other, we invite you into an experience and exploration called "One," Watershed's marriage Bloc for those of you married 25+ years, celebrating the one year mark, or planning your wedding.

In a healthy marriage, two people are getting to know each other deeply, accepting each other's unique qualities, and loving each other completely... but that doesn't often happen automatically. The One Bloc provides a safe place for couples to share both their victories and their struggles, work through some of the common challenges that every couple faces, and explore what it means for "two to become one".. If this sounds like something you and your spouse would benefit from, come join the One Bloc and make an investment in your marriage!

Click here to see a list of One Blocs and email leaders if you're interested. Fill out this form if you have questions or would like help selecting a group.