Watershed seeks to be a community engaged in the pursuit of justice & mercy.

Scripture tells us that God cares deeply for those who are without the capacity to lift themselves out of their circumstances (Isaiah 1:17, James 1:27), and that the church should have mercy and justice at the forefront of its mission (Isaiah 1, Isaiah 58, Isaiah 61, Micah 6:8).

One of the aspects of being “salt and light” is in unearthing, exposing, and uncovering the truth regarding the sources of suffering. As the Church, infused with Christ’s spirit in our life, once a source of injustice is uncovered we are charged to confront the authorities, powers, and/or participants that guard, manage, or prop up that system with the truth about its unjust nature. Then, under the Holy Spirit’s direction and empowerment, we are to pray, love and work towards seeing the system revolutionized and healed. The ultimate goal is to bring transformation to the system in order to bring healing and wholeness to people under it.

Within systematic injustice, the physical needs of humanity still exist. People who are hungry, sick, homeless, and victimized still have legitimate, immediate needs to be addressed and met. Mercy is the dispensing of resources, time, and energy towards the needs connected to human suffering. At Watershed, we strive for justice: the pursuit and process of uncovering, confronting and transforming broken systems in society that create human suffering.

This means that we seek justice not only at home in Charlotte, but in the rest of the world as well. You can learn more about our local justice efforts here, and our global justice efforts here.