At Watershed, we believe that integral to the experience of connecting yourself to a church is connecting to others in community. Watershed's co-ed Relationality Blocs are designed to create opportunities for new relationships to begin and for people to begin experiencing traction in a life with God.

If you desire connection, are intrigued by life's big questions, or are curious to explore the spiritual side of life, Relationality is the Bloc worth considering. Relationality Blocs meet several times a month in different parts of the city for meaningful, thought-provoking dialogue, relational connectivity, and often good food and drink. Relationality Blocs often run 8-12 weeks in duration and include centered dialogue around a book, podcast, or video series.

Click here to see a list of Relationality Blocs and email leaders if you're interested. Fill out this form if you have questions or would like help selecting a group.