Roots: Grounded Leadership
When viewed above ground, trees appear as singular entities - growing close to one another, but, ultimately, developing as separate and autonomous organisms. However, recent evidence suggests that trees actually communicate via underground networks; they collaborate to exchange resources and help supply each others' needs.

As a tree enjoys increased health, its rings grow in thick, robust patterns. Telling a story like stretch marks or scars, a tree's rings reveal secrets about the tree's life and growth. The most grounded, stable trees are the ones most able to provide nourishment to others in their forest networks.

Humans may not boast visible rings, but an examination of one's inner life reveals a metaphorical picture of concentric growth and expansion. We desire "thick rings" for every person who calls Watershed home. And, much like life in a forest, we know that rich growth is most likely to occur when connectivity is present.  Our Blocs are designed as networks of belonging, but the maturity or depth of a Bloc is proportional to the depths of its leader's roots.  

Roots is an eight-week interactive Bloc experience specifically geared towards Watershed's potential future Bloc leaders. Topics covered in the group include:

+ Self Leadership: Health and Wellness as a Leader
+ Unleashing Growth and Transformation
+ Defecting from the Predictable
+ The Forensics and Practice of Dialogue
+ Difference-Making Beyond the Circle

Roots is an invitation-only Bloc, but if you're interested in Bloc leading at Watershed, please click here to make us aware so we can discuss your interest. The next round of Roots will begin in March 2018.