ONE FACET of Catapult is investing in school staff members so that they can, in turn, pour into the students THEY SERVE. We place a high value on educators and are always looking for ways to celebrate and support them!


staff pals

Through our Staff Pals program, volunteers are matched with a specific staff member for the entire school year. Staff Pal volunteers receive an information sheet about their assigned Pal at the beginning of the school year. Then, throughout the year, they take time to recognize and support their Pals by providing them with encouraging notes and small gifts of gratitude (minimum of 3 times per year). Staff Pals can choose to build a relationship with their staff member or support him/her anonymously. 

All Staff Pals are matched at Walter G. Byers.


Staff Appreciation Events

During each school year there are periodic staff appreciation events we need volunteer help with. During the 2017-2018 school year, year our staff appreciation luncheons will be held on the following dates: September 29th, December 20th, March 16th, and May 11th. If you'd like to join the team that helps put together these events, sign up below. 

All Staff Appreciation Events take place at Walter G. Byers.

I was motivated to become a Staff Pal is because I know how important it is to have someone to ‘back you up’ and remember you, even in the smallest ways, on a regular basis, not just one time. When you are working a job that sometimes is difficult, or you wonder where the support comes from, it is nice to have a positive stream flowing into your life to provide a ‘refreshment.’ I enjoy doing it, because I think those who work with children rock the world, and I like to find ways to rock the world. I like providing little surprises in people’s lives.
— Tina, Staff Pal