Visiting Watershed for the first time? we're glad you're here.


We want to make you feel welcomed. You are not alone in being and feeling new. Charlotte is growing rapidly, so we are accustomed to fresh faces visiting, investigating, and taking part in different facets of our church. Whether or not you have ever been part of any kind of church, we invite you to experience the Watershed community with fresh eyes and ears and an open heart. No matter your church background, or lack thereof, Watershed is a group of people who value relationships, following Jesus with humility and BEING the church in our city. 

Watershed is a safe place to search for answers to life’s most meaningful questions, and to consider God as a viable voice and influencer amidst that search. We are a spiritual community digging deeper and we long to help you to do the same. We aren’t going to try to “wow” you with a big laser-light show on a Sunday morning. Our Sunday Gatherings are an opportunity for us to commune through song and stillness, teaching and collections of moments for deep and meaningful conversations. At Watershed, Sundays are only the tip of the iceberg, and our community thrives on serving and connecting throughout the week.

Watershed shapes its identity around the idea of transformation – our name and our heart are derived from this. Richard Rohr, one of our favorite writers, once said that “the vast majority of Christian ministry has been concerned with “churching” people into symbolic, restful and usually ethnic belonging systems rather than any real spiritual transformation into the mystery of God.” We have no interest in “churching” you, but instead inviting you into communally experiencing the mystery of God, and not only being transformed personally in the process, but also being part of bringing that wholeness to the city and brokenness surrounding us.

One of the very best ways for you to get to know us is to check out Preface, a micro-gathering designed especially for those who are newest to our church. It's a weekly gathering held over a six week period where you can ask questions, get to know more about our community, and get to know some other people in the process. We'd love for you to join! 

Thanks for considering visiting us... we are a community open and welcoming to ALL!