CIRCLE UP: rooting in relationships of substance

Sundays, january 7th-february 4th |  9:15AM + 11AM

Our mantra since Watershed's inception 12+ years ago has been that the church is people, not a place. So what could be more fitting than kicking off a new year in a home of our own than burrowing in to what it means to be people who share life and spiritual exploration TOGETHER, the very core of what church should be? 

Welcome to our first series of 2018... CIRLCE UP: ROOTING IN RELATIONSHIPS OF SUBSTANCE.

During this series, we’ll take some time to reflect upon and learn about the power of the collective. We’ll be reminded that transformation happens best in the context of community. 

We’ll ruminate on a question that many people ask regarding the church: Why do I need church when I sense God more on a mountaintop... in solitude... and in the outdoors?

Well, while we agree that getting up close and personal with nature offers a pretty astounding glimpse of the Divine…

The church isn’t just about God… it’s about us. Because it IS us. 

It’s about seeing God in each other. Celebrating each other, mourning with each other, appreciating and learning from and with each other. 

Introverts and extroverts. 
Old and young. 
Religious and burned out. 
All the colors and orientations and political parties.

Something very sacred happens we ME becomes WE.
Something holy takes place when facades and masks are discarded and vulnerability is elevated. 

If Earth is forgiveness school, as Anne Lamott calls it, then church community might just be compassion school. 

And couldn’t we all use a little more bit more of that? 


Circle up
january 7th-february 4th |  9:15AM + 11AM