Ever show up late for a movie and realize that the first 10 minutes set the stage for the entire plot? Or have you ever gotten lost en route to a great party, only to spend most of the night trying to catch up on the conversations that a faulty GPS caused you to miss? In many ways, this is what it can feel like for a person to enter a new church community. 

Preface was created because we value the new person at Watershed - it exists so that someone new has an opportunity to take part and weigh in on vital conversations our community has been having and to help a person develop a greater taste of the culture and ethos of Watershed. We are convinced that people begin to form a clearer picture of how they fit into community when they get to know others, ask questions and engage meaningful conversations about life, relationships, faith and who we are as the church. If you find yourself intrigued by the possibilities, Preface could be the Bloc for you! The centerpiece of discussion is the book Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell.

Our next round of Preface will be held in May/June over the following dates:

Tuesday, May 29
Wednesday, June 6
Wednesday, June 13
Wednesday, June 20
Sunday, June 24
Wednesday, June 27

All sessions are held at Watershed (2101 Shenandoah Avenue). Tuesday/Wednesday sessions are held from 6:45-8:15PM and the Sunday session is held from 9:15-10:45AM. Please plan to attend at least 5 out of the 6 sessions. CHILDCARE IS PROVIDED ON SITE.

Express interest in the May/June round of Preface here