SUNDAYS, JULY 28 - SEPT 1 |  10:00AM


Joy Unspeakable

is not silent,

it moans, hums, and bends

to the rhythm of a dancing universe.

It is a fractal of transcendent hope,

a hologram of God’s heart,

a black hole of unknowing.

-Barbara A. Holmes

In a world that feels so drenched in polarization, a time seemingly consumed by despair, injustice or fear what does it mean to embody a type of transcendent hope that is that inspires us through our struggle or pain and is tethered to something much bigger than ourselves?

We wholeheartedly invite you to spend the rest of the summer with us as we dive deep into the inner workings of JOY as a mantra and lifestyle. Embracing mystery, shifting perspective, scanning the darkest skies for beams of light poking through and sensing the lightness, aka the hologram of God’s heart, in our bones.