wait for it:
seeing the divine in interruption

SUNDAYS, november 18th - december 23rd  |  9:15AM + 11:00AM

Wait For It: Seeing The Divine In Interruption

“A time when we might open ourselves up to the thought of the Infinite erupting in the heart of the Finite.” –Peter Rollins, philosopher/author

A season ripe with anticipation when we are reminded that Holiness itself took on flesh tones.
Transcendent to pedestrian.
Other-worldly to here and now.
Beyond us to WITH us.
These are the themes of Advent.

We invite you, in a season that can be wrought with hectic schedules, overspending and over-commitment to still your heart and spend some time with us for our Sunday Gathering series WAIT FOR IT where we’ll unpeel the layers of tradition to find a story where interruption is the means used to raise awareness and shift trajectories…

A story that is ongoing still today in which you too are part of the plot, no matter where you may find yourself on your spiritual pilgrimage.

May we be stopped in our tracks and filled with a sense of hope amidst our longing.

On Christmas Eve join us at 5:30 pm as we close our Christmas season as a community with a candlelight, song filled, contemplative celebration of heaven meeting earth, love filling voids and hearts expanding.