SUNDAYS, JUNE 3rd-JULY 8TH  |  9:15AM + 11:00AM

To live in the presence of God on a continuous basis can become a kind of fourth dimension to our three-dimensional world, forming an invisible but real background to everything that we do or that happens in our lives.” 
― Thomas Keating

Have you ever felt like your life was a series of adventures in missing the point? Like there was something much bigger going on but at the time you just were completely bogged down with minutia?

Reframing our perspective is a spiritual practice at its core and one that enlivens our relationships, our routines and better yet, our connection with God. 

A rich, meaningful faith can be a forest missed when addictions to absolutism and literalism obstruct our view. 

A fresh attunement to the Divine awaits those who are willing to zoom out AND zoom in. Seeing God in the bigger picture AND in the detail. A fourth dimension, so to speak. 

We invite you to spend your summer with us for our new Sunday series, FOREST FOR THE TREES. Through song, contemplation, reflection, teaching, conversation and community, we seek to dig deeper into a more panoramic faith.