The Trajectory of Transformation:
8 Planes of Progressive Faith


Over the course of Watershed’s thirteen years of existence we have identified eight signs, or planes if you will, of those on a transformational trajectory.

We warmly invite you to join us for an eight-week expedition into the road markers that lead to wholeness, not only on one’s spiritual journey but in every facet of our lives. As we visit each plane throughout this teaching series we’ll also reveal how these eight features have shaped the DNA of our community to be what it is today… a place where spiritual pilgrims from ALL backgrounds are welcomed and where our faith is about becoming over just what became.

What we are believing over what we first believed.
Being in process.
Continuous, escalating and dynamic…dare we say, progressive.

Throughout this conversation we are convinced you will be reminded that you have a seat at this table, that everyone is a spiritual pilgrim and that who we are a year from now can be deeper, more loving and more God-centric than who we are today.

From awareness to connectedness, unity to justice, join us on the journey this Fall for our series, The Trajectory of Transformation: 8 Planes of Progressive Faith.