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You would hope that the church community would be a safe, welcoming space where the playing field is leveled, where ALL children of God…every race, orientation, background, age, income bracket and life experience…find genuine, authentic inclusion.

You would hope “on earth as it is in heaven” would be a reality in the church.

You would hope…

But, honestly, our Watershed community has a long way to go and so much to learn about truly embodying racial equality, being a community where, as Martin Luther King said, the white community must realize that

“their freedom is inextricably bound to our (people of color) freedom. WE CANNOT WALK ALONE.”

In a country founded on priding itself on freedom literally built on the backs of slavery and injustice, we must pause to acknowledge that racial justice and freedom is not something that has EVER existed in our nation, in our city, in our workplace, neighborhoods and schools- we are not in pursuit of getting back to something we once had.

There is no “RE” in this conciliation.

Healing the racial divide isn’t a return or a revitalization.

It’s the next step in the long march towards a brand new reality.

We must make it right, church.

We must listen.

We must open our hearts and our minds and our arms, we must see the Divine image in EVERY single person but especially those who don’t share our sameness.

The sacred begins when we see the GOD in our brothers and sisters who don’t share our viewpoint, skin tone, history and privilege.

On earth as it is in heaven involves a power shift. It involves the unleashing of a way of being that abolishes oppressive systems and makes justice not just a pledge but a way of life.

If this series sounds unconformable for you: you need to join us. You heart needs to hear this.

If this series sounds like something you’ve longed to hear but wonder if it will really be received well: this is for you.

If this series hasn’t even been on your radar and you feel as though we’ve come such a long way and accomplished so much: oh, my friends, this series is most definitely for you.

Join us for our series (RE)CONCILIATION: The Pursuit of Inextricably Bound Freedom.

Together, may we imagine something new, better, more beautiful and more whole than where we began and where we’ve been.

We cannot walk alone.


Special Event APRIL 6 @ 7pm

Watershed hosts


author of I’m Still Here, Black Dignity In a World Made For Whiteness.

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