Human + diviNe

SUNDAYS, APRIL 21 - JUNE 9  |  9:15AM + 11:00AM


“Your single task in life is to overcome the illusion you are separated from God.”

-Richard Rohr

Jesus: the union of humanity and divinity embodied.

How might such a union exist?

What if our assumptions of Jesus the Christ are even broader and more living than we ever knew? What if we were to view Jesus as more than Problem Solver?

More mystery less explicable.

Pedestrian yet paradox.

“Before the world was made, we have been chosen in Christ . . . claimed as God’s own and chosen from the very beginning . . . so that God could bring everything together under the headship of Christ”

Ephesians 1:3, 10, 11

Christ has been called the TRANSCENDENT WITHIN every single thing and being in the universe (R. Rohr)…yet how aware are you of that transcendence and presence?

Perhaps revisiting the words, experiences and stories of Jesus the Christ could unleash a sacred merging with God within each of us.

We warmly invite you to gather with us for our teaching series

Human + Divine: Christology For Everyone, Sundays April 21-June 9.

Consider this a rite of Spring for your soul. We welcome all to our table.

Special Event APRIL 26 @ 8pm

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