SUNDAYS, APRIL 1ST - MAY 20TH  |  9:15AM + 11AM

SBNR. Ever hear of the term? 

It’s “spiritual but not religious”. 

And it’s an acronym with which many of us identify and understandably so. 

The church has historically made itself known for whom it excludes and includes, what traditions it upholds and what system it will perpetuate. 

And when we look at a circle of people sitting on the beach cooking fish over an open fire with Jesus—sharing life, being inspired to embody God and challenging each other to keep trekking on their journey toward selflessness, we’ve somehow gotten way off course.



Dress codes?

Sundays being any more holy than any other day? 


We invite you to infuse your Spring season with a perspective on what being the church could mean for you, specifically.

What being less religious and more awakened could look like…

In this Queen City. 

In this neighborhood.

With these beautifully diverse people.

In this time.

In your life and home. 

What if, despite all the baggage and controversy and frankly, pain that many have encountered in and around the church at large, we could shed it all and embody something open, something compassionate and life-giving to both ourselves and the city and world around us? 

What if we transcended steeple maintenance for soul deep transformation? 

We warmly open the door to everyone as we delve into our new teaching series





In the next few months we will be talking through the idea of organized religion in some of its more disorganized states. Our hope is to have a more open and honest conversation about what we see around us and in our heritage of organized religion.


A large part of our collective Watershed story is the individual stories you all carry. So we want to hear your stories! Whether you grew up in some sort of organized religious experience and carry with you the fond memories of a familial faith or you grew up with no religious experience at all and watched religion from a distance, we want to hear from you. In our community, we know that there is joy and pain, health and scarring that has marked our community due to organized religion and we want to hear about it.


As a way of prompting, below are a few questions that might help you get started. We’d love for you to read through the list of questions/prompts and pick a few that resonate with you and then talk about them in the video. There is a 10-minute cap per video, but feel free to submit more if you need to. If you are using a phone to record, you may have to take the video on your phone and then use the link to upload your video. Please start out each video with saying your name and how long you’ve been at Watershed and then when the video is done, make sure to give the software enough time to upload and process. Thanks for sharing your story with us!



Reflect back on the spiritual and/or religious environments of your past. Then put some language to how they were or were not healthy and why?

What does success, fulfillment and intimacy with God look like today compared to what it looked like in your past? And why?

Are there different tools or environments that serve you today compared to your past?

How has Watershed served you in the journey from organized to disorganized religion?

What parts of your religious or spiritual past do you continue to celebrate today? And why?

If you could give advice to your former self about your spiritual journey, what would you say? And how would you self-identify at this point in that spiritual journey?

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SUNDAYS, APRIL 1ST - MAY 20TH  |  9:15AM + 11AM