stogies and stilettos: love in the Queen City

Sundays, february 11th-march 25th |  9:15AM + 11AM

What makes men tick? What are women thinking?
Is love possible in a time of ambivalence?
Are we an oversexed yet intimacy-deficient culture?
Is feeling satisfied and settled in singleness an anomaly? 
How do you really ever meet someone who could be “the one”? 
How might a couple move from "for worse" to "for better" FOR GOOD?

Join us for a 7-week plunge into the topics that make all of our hearts skip a beat. Watershed's Stogies and Stilettos is an annual much-loved teaching series ringing in the new year with a fresh perspective on unearthing the possibilities of understanding yourself, the opposite sex, the person with whom you share your life and how to embrace our similarities and differences. This is a FREE, open-to-all teaching series that has been a game-changing tool for MANY couples, single people, and married & dating couples here in our Queen City over the course of the past DECADE. 

From heartfelt teaching to personal interviews and moving live music all centered on the weekly topics, there is something in this series for EVERYONE no matter your relational status, orientation or spiritual background. Your spirituality is more deeply intertwined with your sexuality than you might realize. Young, old, single, dating or married… come on your own or bring your significant other along (lots of fun for the kids and students in our GreenHouse Kids and Watershed Students experiences too!). Kick off the season of love on the right foot by investing in your heart and the future of your relationships. 


+NON-IMITATION INTIMACY: cultivating relationships of substance
+PASSIVE TO PASSIONATE: reviving an ambivalent “meh” relationship, pursuing lasting, deep relationships that thrive.
+RINGLESS FINGERS: divorce, restoration and navigation of the new normal
+BEYOND SWIPING LEFT OR RIGHT: dating and learning to honor each other in the modern virtual landscape. 
+HE SAID, SHE SAID: listening, being heard and understanding. Standing with all those who have said #MeToo and leading by example
+WHAT HE/SHE REALLY WANTS: the sex, passion and spirituality trifecta
+LOVE IS AN ORIENTATION: there’s a seat at this table for EVERYONE in love
+KNOW YOUR TYPE: how understanding your own Enneagram number and personality type could revolutionize your love life


february 11th-MARCH 25TH |  9:15AM + 11AM